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How To Reheat Pizza In Air Fryer?

How To Reheat Pizza In Air Fryer

Pizzas are one of the tastiest meals of the current time, with die-hard fans all around the world. These flatbreads with mouth-watering toppings came all the way from Italy, and have set a global standard so high in the food industry that cannot be surpassed.

Pizzas aren’t only to be eaten on a night out. These are any-time meals, one can have at any time of the day- in breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I mean why not eat the leftover pizza from last night rather than make pancakes on a lazy morning when you don’t feel like going to the kitchen.

Obviously there’s always a price for something you have to pay, so to heat your leftover pizza you have to invest your few minutes in the kitchen. One can’t eat cold, refrigerated pizza, it has to be reheated. Reheating in a microwave takes only a few minutes to get the heating done, but will end up giving you a very soggy slice. Therefore, we have a quick hack to get you to heat your pizza promptly without losing its crispy crust.

Here is a smart trick to achieve the above-mentioned results; heat it in an air fryer.

Heat Anything Anytime

Besides pizza, an air fryer can help you reheat almost all your leftover foods that otherwise would turn out soggy if reheated in a microwave. For example, you have an eggroll from last night, or a half-eaten burger because you were too full to finish it, and the mother of all foods- potato fries- can be heated without losing its natural crisp.

Heating Mechanism Of Air Fryer vs Microwave

Heating Mechanism Of Air Fryer vs Microwave

The fact that an air fryer heats up food without taking out the taste from it is because it makes use of hot air to heat. On the contrary, a microwave oven makes use of electromagnetic radiation, which is why the food gets soggy and loses its crispiness.

How To Reheat Pizza In Air Fryer?

An air fryer comes to the rescue when other kitchen appliances fail to serve. For instance, you can use it for different purposes like reheating, cooking, frying, grilling. It won’t be too much to say that an air fryer can replace some other kitchen appliances like a microwave or probably an oven in your kitchen.

Get Started:

Put your leftover pizza slice in your air fryer at low temperature and give it a go, but first, line your fryer’s tray with aluminum foil or baking paper to prevent any cheese fallouts on the tray, as cleaning it will become a headache for you. Poking holes in the foil or paper can help you get the lower part of your pizza heated evenly. Moreover, there are parchment papers of different sizes and shapes available in the market for lining your air fryer’s tray.

Arrange Properly:

If reheating more than one slice, make sure they are arranged properly to let all the parts heat up evenly. Moreover, the number of slices you can reheat at a time in an air fryer depends on its size. With larger size comes more space.

Set Temperature:

Set your fryer at a relatively low temperature, in the beginning. Let’s say around 330 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius. The reason to start with a lower temperature is to prevent any chances of burning your slice. Besides, thinner pizzas require less time and temperature to heat up than the ones with thicker crusts and base.

Heat in Small Sessions:

Furthermore, start with heating for 2-3 minutes, and check how much more heating is required. Heating in sessions of a few minutes will help you reheat your leftover pizza without destroying it. As overheating can cause browning of the crust and destroy its taste. Once you have done it for the first time and have achieved desirable results. You will get an idea of the proper timing and temperature required for heating. Moreover, the first batch of slices might take a little longer to heat up than the other slices. Pertaining to the fact that the fryer is not preheated prior to the heating of the first slice.

Keep an Eye:

The air fryer has an edge over other kitchen gadgets in that one can open and close it without having to worry about the inside heat escaping, as one does in a microwave or an oven. This helps the user to keep a check on his/her food.

Extra Touch:

To achieve even crispier results, brush a little oil over your slice before heating it. So, you had a delicious pizza free delivered to your home last night for friends get together from the award-winning Mamas Pizza Restaurant Croydon, and now left with plenty of leftover slices? Are you worried about having to heat them up without them losing their crispiness and taste? Do it in your air fryer with the hacks mentioned above.

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